Technology Checkout

The Digital Makerspace offers a variety of technological equipment for checkout. To check out these items, please visit us in Randall Library during our open hours.  Tech Checkout is a first come, first serve basis.  Items cannot be reserved. Items can be checked out for 7 days unless otherwise listed. 

Items should be returned to the Digital Makerspace.  If the DMS is closed, then please return them to the main circulation desk at Randall Library. Before checking items out or returning them, please verify that all items listed are present and in good condition. The Digital Makerspace is not responsible for recharging items and recommends the user test all items and review the manuals before planning projects. 

Equipment Details Manual
Portable Greenscreen The portable greenscreen is a large item and weighs approximately 20 pounds. You can also check out our light kit alongside it. Included in Greenscreen case.
Light Kit The light kit includes three LED lights that are USB battery charged so they can be used anywhere alongside the portable greenscreen. Included in light kit.
GoPro Max We have six GoPro Max cameras available for checkout. These cameras can be used like standard GoPros or as 360 cameras and also feature a photo mode. Do not submerge these cameras deeper than 16 feet. GoPro Max cameras come with a 64 GB SD card. GoPro headstrap, chesty, three-way, and tripod accessories are also available for checkout. Go Pro Max Manual.
Go Pro Accessories We have a tripod/grip specifically made for the gopro, a headstrap, cheststrap, 3 way accessory  
Tripods The DMS offers a variety of tripods for checkout including a selfie stick combination tripod and regular camera tripods. Tripods are all compatible with all DMS cameras.  
DSLR Camera The DMS offers four DSLR cameras for checkout.  Cameras come with SD cards.

Nikon D3500 DSLR Manual

Nikon Z 30 Manual

Lapel Microphones This wireless lapel microphone comes with a transmitter to record clear audio to your DSLR or video camera. We offer a single microphone and double microphone lapel kit for checkout.  
Panasonic 4K Camcorder The DMS has five panasonic 4K Camcorders that come with a touch display and wifi capability. Panasonic 4K Camcorders come with an SD card. Basic Manual
Advanced Manual
XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Graphics Tablet The DMS offers four XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Graphics tablets for checkout. If you are new to graphics tablets, we strongly encourage you to read the quickstart guide/manual before using this item. These graphic displays function with a stylus and act as an extension of your computer monitor. Graphics tablets are not standalone computers, but instead are a peripheral device. Driver Download, Manual, and Quickstart Guide